How to publish and schedule content availability for your students

How to publish and schedule content availability for your students

  • 14 Dec 17


How to publish and schedule content availability for your students on Lt. Learn how to set the delivery and commit days of content in advance.

Lt now offers an easy way to see the delivery and commit dates of content in advance, so that you can set it and move onto other important tasks, knowing that Lt will take care of the rest!

When you have finished authoring a lesson or module, select the Publish button. This does not make the lesson available to your students immediately. Instead, it will open a scheduling page where you can schedule the lesson's availability (or when you want the lesson to become accessible by your students).

There are a lot of signposts alerting you to the status of your lesson. In the Published lesson card, you can see a red warning symbol and a message saying the availability is not set and no one can see the lesson. 

On the availability card, there is an individual status for each of your sections. There’s also a colored-coded bar running down the right side. Red means that you still need to set the availability. 

How to make a lesson available to all students

If your lesson is a quiz or study lesson and you want all of your students to have access to it immediately, select the Make available to all button. This grants instant access to the lesson regardless of the section that your students are in. You’ll notice that the signposts have updated to reflect that. They should now be blue and say that the lesson is available and seen by your students.

How to set different lesson availability times for different student groups

However, you may have a course where lab sections meet on different days. You will want all students to have an equal amount of time to access the lesson so they have a fair and consistent experience across the board. In that case, you want to set a different availability date for each of your sections. 

In the example in the video above (at 1min:48sec), we click on the Tuesday section and clear the availability that has been set. You will notice that the signpost updates to red to reflect that. Now the availability can be set. 

You can use the calendar drop-down menu to change the date. You can also schedule a time that you want your lesson to become accessible.  


How to set an automatic ‘commit’ time on a lesson

There is also the option of setting an automatic commit time to your lesson. This is the time when the lesson locks and becomes read-only, therefore students won’t be able to edit their work after this time has passed.

By default, it sets to one week after the lesson has become available. But this can be changed by clicking on the date/time options.

Once changed, you’ll see that the signposts have updated to grey, telling you that your lesson will become available soon. So it’s scheduled and ready to go!


How to view your changes using the Student View

If you want to check your work, you can use the Student View button at the bottom of the page. Now you should be presented with a section filter

In the video example (at 3min), we can see the lesson from the perspective of the Tuesday section students. However, because the lesson isn’t available yet, there is nothing to see. Alternatively, if we swap to the Wednesday section, you can see the lesson because the availability hasn't been updated yet. We can return to the admin pages and update the Wednesday section.

To make a change, all you need to do is click Change Availability. You can do this anytime during the semester if you require a scheduled change.


How to Commit a lesson manually

To see what a lesson looks like once it has been committed you can manually click Commit Section. Under the availability card you should see the status update to green, alerting you to the fact that the lesson has been committed and that students are no longer able to make changes. 


These features give you a high degree of control over the delivery of content to your students and offer a lot of flexibility in making sure the right students receive the right content, at the right time!

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