Publishing Content and Scheduling Availability in Lt

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This video summarizes the Schedule view in Lt.

Our new schedule view will save you time and effort. By using the interface, you can view all of your published lessons and modules in one place, and easily set their availability.

With the new schedule view, you can now:

  • View all of your published lessons and modules in one place, organized by module.
  • Use the Available Now toggle to make content available to students. The toggle will go from gray to green to show that the content is available.
  • Easily make content unavailable using the toggle.
  • Immediately see the sections for which content is available.
  • Set exact availability and commit dates using the Date/Time Picker.
    • If you wish to apply the same availability rules to all lessons and sections within a module, you can use the checkbox to do so.

Feedback and support

 If you have any questions about the new interface, or ideas for its improvement, please let us know by using the feedback portal in Lt, or by contacting your local Customer Success Manager!

Screenshot of the Lt feedback portal.