Webinar: Using LabChart and Equivital in a Virtual Reality Environment

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In this Webinar, Dr Christopher Maymon and Miss Caroline Kuhne discuss their research on virtual reality and its impact on emotional responses.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Setting up Equivital with VR technology for seamless integration
  • Projects that combine Equivital and VR 
  • Tips for syncing between technologies
  • Using LabChart for acquiring and analysing datasets
  • The potential of video capture with Equivital for comprehensive data collection.


Christopher demonstrates his lab’s procedures for collecting physiological data from participants in VR, using the Equivital LifeMonitor vests streaming into Labchart. He specifically focuses on the different ways in which they synchronise the physiological datastream with events in the VR simulation, allowing his team to extract epochs that are precisely calibrated to relevant changes in their experiments.  This discussion is relevant for anyone measuring physiological changes associated with emotional experiences, or to any project aiming to collect physiological data while participants are in VR.       

Virtual-reality (VR) technology has, over the last decade, quickly expanded from gaming into other sectors including training, education, and wellness, despite a distinct lack of basic research in this space. Caroline presents the methods and approach of a recent research project comparing different subject matter content delivered in VR and 2D, with a particular focus on collecting physiological data using the Equivital system.  The findings have important implications for those looking to develop and utilise VR technology as a training and educational tool, as they provide insights into the physiological impact of immersion on the user.      

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About the speakers:

Dr Christopher Maymon

Christopher Maymon, Ph.D      
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow      
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand       
Dr Christopher Maymon is a cognitive scientist who specialises in the use of virtual reality to induce and measure emotional responses. Some of Christopher's earlier projects focused on casual relationships between fear and presence (that is, our subjective sense of being there), as well as testing the efficacy of different regulatory strategies on subjective and physiological responses in an ecologically valid fear induction paradigm. More recently, Christopher has been researching how emotional responses (associated with fear, awe and disgust, respectively) impact executive functioning.

Caroline Kuhne

Caroline Kuhne      
Project Officer      
University of Newcastle, Australia       
Caroline Kuhne is an expert in psychological research methods and advanced statistical analysis. Currently finalising her PhD in cognitive psychometrics and improving mathematical models of decision making. She also is involved in projects at the Centre for Advanced Training Systems. Most prominently she has been involved in the development and testing of novel biofeedback enabled, virtual reality based stress management training platform.