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Upcoming Training Dates

Event Category
Event Date Event Type Region
Lunch & Learns with ADInstruments - Virtual Lunch & Learn on Metacognition 26 September 2023 Webinars North America
Introductory LabChart Workshop for Psychophysiology Research - LabChart Workshop UNSW 28 September 2023 Software Training Australia
Methods Webinar: Evaluation of Novel Therapies Using Spontaneous Seizure Models - Inside Scientific Neurophysiology Series 4 October 2023 Webinars North America, Europe
Excellence in Microsurgical Techniques Training - Excellence in Microsurgical Techniques Training Course (RRSSC) 16 October 2023 Application Workshops, Onsite Training, Surgical Training
LabChart Software Training - LabChart Training in Melbourne 23 November 2023 Training Australia
CrawFly Workshop January 2024 - CrawFly January 2024 5 January 2024 Education, Crawdad, CrawFly and SnailFest North America
LabChart Software Training - LabChart Training in Auckland 13 February 2024 Training New Zealand
LabChart Software Training - LabChart Training in Queensland 14 May 2024 Training Australia

What customers say about our training

Jeremy presented the course well, especially with the varying levels of experience and applications in the room. He adapted his examples to areas that people use the PowerLabs for and always took the pace back if someone wasn’t catching on.

Catherine Phillips
The University of Western Sydney

She was wonderful - very knowledgeable, able to provide examples and answer all questions. I was impressed.

Amanda Gillespie
University of Pittsburgh

The course has given me new appreciation of the power of LabChart and the confidence to help students with their software queries. In the past I would refer them to tutors to resolve their issues. I feel much more equipped to help. Thanks ADI.

Karn Hinton
University of Auckland