Five reasons you should be authoring your course in Lt - Hear from current Lt users about their experience authoring in Lt.

Creating engaging, interactive lessons doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. With Lt - it’s easy.

Lt lets you jump straight in and start creating and authoring your own lessons with ease. With its intuitive drag ‘n’ drop lesson builder, you can easily transfer existing content from platforms such as LabTutor and create everything from multimedia content to quizzes, all within the same platform.

Hear from some of our current Lt’s customers about their experience authoring in Lt...



#1. Authoring in Lt is easy and intuitive

With Lt, you can easily edit, share, and update our existing content or create your own in real-time, wherever and whenever you need. Simply drag-and-drop a range of content types including video, audio, images, quizzes, and text directly onto your page to create engaging, interactive lessons.

Abigail Rickard
"LabTutor had become quite clunky and difficult to use and required a lot of additional effort from me to get the most out of it. When I started to use Lt, all of those problems that I had with marking, uploading content etc. just disappeared!"  - Dr. Abigail Rickard, Associate Professor (Head of Biology), University of Greenwich
Gabrielle Todd
"Right from the beginning, I was hooked. Lt is really self-explanatory and it works really easily. You can move things around really easily, you can resize things, you can drag and drop things in. It’s just a really easy interface to use and to set up lessons in." - Kimberly Smith, Bioscience Lecturer, Schools of Nursing and Midwifery, Otago Polytechnic.

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#2. Lt helps you create engaging and interactive lessons 

Lt has a range of handy templates and pannel types available when authoring content. You can choose from over 30 different panel types, including multiple-choice questions, image annotation, tables and graphs, plus a whole lot more! 

Sharon Hercus
“Lt has some great authoring features. I can easily create some really interactive quizzing in terms of drag and drop quizzes, sequencing, filling the gap, annotating pictures. There's a whole lot you can do, you just have to be creative!” 
– Dr. Sharon Hercus, Senior lecturer Physiology
Gabrielle Todd
"Lt gives me so many options in terms of the layout, the different question types I can add, or the media I can include – it's so flexible."
- Dr. Gabrielle Todd, Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience, School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, University of South Australia

#3. Lt's content is fully customizable 

Lt comes complete with over 360 ready-to-use lessons and labs for life science, nursing, and medical courses that you can adapt and customize to suit your teaching needs. Our lessons include a combination of stylized imagery, demonstration videos, interactive question types or hands-on learning components using our integrative teaching and hardware kits.

So if you’re someone who likes to create their own customized lessons, you have a variety of resources at your fingertips that you can pick and choose from! Click here to view Lt's content collections

"Lt contains so much content that I can draw from and use immediately, like background information, additional experiments, pre-made modules. I can just press a button and use them - it's great!"  - Dr. Marvin O’Neal, Undergraduate Biology Professor, Director of Introductory Laboratories, Stony Brook University. 

#4. Lt helps your team collaborate and share the workload 

Because Lt is a cloud-based learning platform, lecturers, teaching assistants and instructors can easily collaborate on course content and share the workload.

For physiology lecturer, Dr. Melissa Cameron (University of Sydney), Lt has proven its value by enhancing team interactions. Lt has streamlined the team’s preparation and delivery of notes to each other, especially in larger classes where there can be multiple staff members involved.

Melissa Cameron
“Lt makes it easy for us to work with other people, in other departments. Instead of one person doing all the work, we can all contribute and add to the lesson and really work as a team.” 

Lt lets you collaborate with fellow staff members and create lesson content as a team. Each time a lesson is edited a revision is recorded so you can see who has worked on the lesson, view previous revisions, add comments if you’ve reached a milestone, or even restore an older version if needed.

Michael Morris
"With Lt, the things that stick out are the ease of authoring and the capacity to easily share the authoring with others in the wider team. Other people can come in and see your authoring and help you make appropriate changes. You don't have to be in the same room anymore. I think that's been really fantastic."
- Dr. Michael Morris, Sesqui Senior Lecturer in Embryonic Stem Cells, Physiology.

#5. Lt saves you time

Time is a precious commodity when it comes to teaching. With Lt, you can quickly modify or update your existing content whenever and wherever you need. For Michael Morris (University of Sydney), Lt saves valuable time, both on a daily basis and with his annual curriculum updates.

“Lt's been an amazing saving of time. Once a practical lesson is set up in Lt its simple to keep it running. I can update anything instantly. At the end of a year I simply make appropriate changes to the content as I need. It’s fantastic economies of scale because I can use the same practicals across different units of study and update them or edit them at once. It’s been a real godsend.”

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