Building the PowerLab C

We have a long history of creating high-quality hardware, with many of our customers still running PowerLabs they bought over 20 years ago! 

When it came to re-engineering the PowerLab, maintaining that level of quality and reliability was key. 

The PowerLab C goes further than our previous PowerLabs. Built around the flexibility of USB-C, the PowerLab C and C Series Devices can go with you anywhere; running off of a powerbank or your laptop while you run your experiments. This opened up a whole world of possible environments for the PowerLab C; places much less clean and tidy than the lab. With that in mind, we’ve worked to ensure that each and every PowerLab C is up to task and built to perform anywhere; from the lab, to the heights of Everest, or the depths of Wind Cave.

We care about the products we put out, and the people using them to get research done every day; so our standards are high. Each PowerLab C is built from the bottom up by our Sydney-based manufacturing team. Engineered, soldered, assembled, and tested in one place to ensure a consistent and reliable product every time.

Science isn’t always easy. So, from conception, to development, to production, and testing; we've built the PowerLab C to make science easier.



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PowerLab C

PowerLab C is our latest data acquisition device based on modern digital technology. Sitting at the heart of our new research system, PowerLab C is designed to connect our next-generation C Series digital devices with advanced sub-microsecond time synchronization.                      
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