New in LabChart 8: Send and Publish your data

Another of our favorite additions to LabChart 8 are the Send and Publish functions. Designed to help both teachers and researchers, they’re a great way to share data from the classroom or the lab.

Send your data to let students continue analysis at home... 

Send is especially good for educators. It lets students upload their data to our cloud-based server, using their email address as an identifier. When they get home, they will have an email with a link to the data they collected during the practical class and a download button so they can download the file and use LabChart (with a student license - more on that later) to continue analyzing their results. They don’t need to create an account and the files remain available for 30 days. Homework has never been so simple!

...or Publish and share your results anywhere in the world!

And for researchers, we wanted to make your international collaborations just a little bit easier - the data-sharing part at least. In LabChart 8, the Publish feature makes it simple to share your data with others, without them having to install any software. What’s more, you can also embed the web view of a LabChart file onto your web page so you can show off the awesome results of your last experiment. You can even embed directly into an online Journal article. How does it work? Publish is similar to Send in that your data file is uploaded to our cloud server, giving you a link to view or download the data file. The difference is that with Publish, you create an account (it’s free!) and the link will remain active until you delete the file.

Send and Publish are very unique features. We’re really looking forward to seeing how people use them.


19 Dec 2013

By Alex Sides

Scientific Writer


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