New Release: LabChart 8.1.12 - Introducing our new Macro Library!

We are pleased to announce the release of LabChart: Version 8.1.12!  
You can download this latest version via LabChart’s Feature Manager, or on our website.

New feature: The Macro Library:
For Windows users, we are pleased to share that Macros can now be saved in a Macro Library. This is a user-defined folder that allows any LabChart file opened on that computer to access them. Watch our demo with Senior Training and Technical Support Engineer, Emily Pease, below!:



LabChart 8.1.12 for both Mac and Windows Users:
Copying and pasting text into external applications has been optimized for data accuracy. 

LabChart Online features (Send and Publish) have been removed. There is no alternative within LabChart to replace these features.

Upcoming Bio Amps - support features: 

  • LabChart 8.1.12 adds support for our upcoming Bio Amp variants: Single, Dual, and Neuro.
  • LabChart 8.1.12 contains firmware upgrades for current generation Octal and Quad Bio Amp units.
  • LabChart 8.1.12 enables 26 Series PowerLab compatibility with Single, Neuro, Dual, and Quad variants of the current generation of Bio Amps.
  • Enhanced the BP Amp calibration units conversion feature.
  • Improved accuracy of application of certain Bio Amp filter combinations.
  • Resolved communications issue that may have affected current generation Bio Amps.

We hope these new features and enhancements will have big results in helping to make your workflow streamlined and problem-free, letting you focus on what's important - your research. To download, head to LabChart’s Feature Manager, or go to our website.

The LabChart Team


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