Wireless Workshop at JUIT

19 Oct 2017

Our recent Bio-Medical Signal Processing workshop held at The Jaypee University of Information Technology (JUIT) in Solan was a great success!

More than 300 students, researchers, and academics from Universities across North India had a chance to see our innovative and flexible wireless products from Delsys and Equivital in action. 

A special thank you to Mr. JKL Prasad for his expertise at the workshop!

Dr Meenakahi, Muktesh Sharma from ADInstruments, students and Mr Prasad at JUIT.

Mr Prasad presenting on wireless technology at the JUIT workshop.

We are very proud of our wireless systems and solutions and how they support researchers by giving research subjects comfort and true freedom of movement. These devices stream physiological signals directly into LabChart for accurate and authentic data - no wires required!

Talk to us to find out more about our wireless products and how we can help you to take your research further, faster ... and with total flexibility. (Literally!)

By Sina Walker

Scientific Writer