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Lt LabStation

Media-rich life science education content with real time data recording and analysis when paired with PowerLab.

Lt LabStation stimulates an in-depth understanding of core concepts in physiology with hands-on experimentation and collaborative peer learning.

Lt LabStation

Create and edit lessons online anywhere

Lt LabStation saves you time while giving you flexibility.

Use our library of professionally developed content and experiments to suit your laboratory course; or create, edit, and access your own lessons online, then export your lessons so your students can work offline in the lab.

Lt LabStation

Learning through scientific discovery

Lt LabStation’s simple, interactive interface guides students through their lessons and lab preparation so they can fully engage in practical experiments.

Author and customize labs to focus on your specific learning objectives and witness the “AHA!” moment as students gain a deeper understanding of scientific concepts during class.

Lt LabStation

High-performance data acquisition

Using PowerLab hardware, students can quickly and easily record their own biological signals during labs.

Trusted for over 25 years in research and education, PowerLab is engineered for precise, consistent, reliable data acquisition that simply works every time.

Lt LabStation Workflow

Lt LabStation Workflow

Create your lessons online

Share lessons with lab computers

Incorporate real time data acquisition

Students complete lessons in the lab

Students save PDF report

Lt LabStation

Getting started with Lt LabStation

Whether you need help with lab installation and setup, IT training, Lt training or content conversion, we can get you up and running even faster with an add-on package of customized training and specialized support services. Lt LabStation creates minimal IT burden since there are no student accounts or complex course management.

Our Instructional Design team can work directly with you to optimize your existing lessons to use on any of our learning platforms. We can provide support to integrate or create your own teaching content in Lt LabStation.

Using LabTutor?

Lt LabStation is designed as a futureproof upgrade for LabTutor users who are looking for a modern lab-based teaching system. Talk to us about your requirements, and we can help to seamlessly convert your course to Lt LabStation.

How does Lt LabStation compare to Lt?

See how Lt LabStation’s features compare to Lt.

“Switching from LabTutor to Lt LabStation was a no-brainer! The biggest benefit with Lt LabStation is that I can author and update my lab material anywhere there is an internet connection.”

- Dr. Enmin Zou, The Theodore Shepard Endowed Professor in Marine Biology, Department of Biological Sciences, Nicholls State University in Louisiana

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“My students can easily access the lab material in class, using their lab computers. They work at their own pace and can revisit parts they don’t understand.”

- Dr. Enmin Zou, The Theodore Shepard Endowed Professor in Marine Biology, Department of Biological Sciences, Nicholls State University in Louisiana, US.

“We chose Lt LabStation because we wanted the ability to record a wide variety of different signals, simultaneously.”

- Dr. Sue Jamieson, Senior Lecturer (Biosciences), Health Sciences, School of Medicine, University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), UK.