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Lt LabStation saves you time with over 150 media-rich, fully customizable pharmacology, neuroscience and physiology lab lessons.

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Lt LabStation

Developed using the same technology as Lt, our online learning solution, Lt LabStation gives you and your students a modern lab experience in a package designed to be beautiful, effortlessly capable and adaptable to your teaching style.

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Innovative and engaging content

Lt LabStation makes authoring content easy, and students love the interactive, multimedia format. Once you’ve developed your content and experiments, Lt LabStation provides an interactive, modern alternative to lab manuals. Your content is consistent, easy to find and up to date.

Lt LabStation in lab

Get labs running faster and smoother

Lt LabStation’s simple, interactive UI guides students through labs so they can focus on experimentation. Combined with PowerLab - our reliable and user-friendly hardware - students record and analyze their own biological signals, increasing their engagement and deepening their understanding of scientific concepts.

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“Lt LabStation includes how-to videos so that students can work at their own pace. It makes students much more confident and independent.”

- Dr. Sue Jamieson, Senior Lecturer (Biosciences), Health Sciences, School of Medicine, University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), UK.

“The biggest benefit with Lt LabStation is that I can author and update my lab material anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection.”

- Dr. Enmin Zou, The Theodore Shepard Endowed Professor in Marine Biology, Department of Biological Sciences, Nicholls State University in Louisiana, US.

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