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SuperLab software is used in stimulus presentation studies.

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SuperLab is the stimulus presentation software, which allows building most types of experiments that require presenting visual stimuli on the screen, auditory stimuli via speakers, controlling or synchronizing with other instruments such as a PowerLab data aquisition unit. The recorded responses including reaction times are saved in text-only file which can be read by almost all spreadsheet or statistics software.

SuperLab Features:

  • Randomization of position, color, response time allowance, stimulus exposure
  • Loop and repeat trials until conditions are met
  • Conditional branching with easy selection of if/then/else contingencies
  • Built in Go/No-go option for when respondents should not respond
  • Use any stimulus type as feedback to participants based on correctness of response or reaction time
  • Easy group options for specific blocks of trials or random sequencing on per group basis
  • Easy media management with stimulus lists and grouped experiment/stimulus file saving
  • Playing movies
  • Stimulus lists
  • Support for JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF files
  • Built-in support for RSVP and self-paced reading
  • Improved support for fMRI and EEG/ERP
  • Trial variables
  • Multiple input devices in the same experiment

SuperLab Software is compatible with both Mac OS X (10.7.2 or later) and Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP SP3, and comes with a single user license. Please note that two computers are required for the experimental setup (one for stimulus presentation and the other for recording).


Research Applications

Stimulus Presentation and Evoked Responses
Human Psychophysiology
Biopotentials and GSR
Human Psychophysiology
Human Psychophysiology
Non-Invasive Blood Pressure
Human Psychophysiology


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