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The tBase is both a wireless power supply and receiver for Kaha Sciences mouse telemeters.

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The tBase is both a wireless power supply and receiver for Kaha Sciences mouse telemeters. Each tBase comes with three 4m BNC-BNC cables. 

  • The top of the tBase has an indent (335mm (L) x 190mm (W) x 10mm (D)) which the mouse cage is placed in for the best access to the inductive power field.
  • The tBase generates an inductive power field which extends approximately 7cm above the surface of the indent.
  • When the mouse telemeter is within the tBase power field, the telemeter will be powered and data recorded.

Simple and Customizable Telemetry System Setup

Configure a Kaha Sciences Mouse telemetry system to meet your exact research needs. A typical mouse wireless telemetry system setup requires one tBase and Telemeter per animal, with only a single Configurator required for each laboratory.

  1. Select and pair transmission frequencies between tBases and their Telemeters using Configurator.
  2. Surgically implant the Telemeter.
  3. Connect the tBase to a PowerLab and/or Instrument Interface via BNC.

You are then ready to analyze your data using LabChart 8 or LabChart Lightning.

Diagram of Kaha, PowerLab and LabChart system

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Details and Tech Specs


tBase functionsProvides power to mouse telemeters using inductive wireless technology, outputs standard analog voltage via BNC to a PowerLab data acquisition unit, has a built-in fan for optimal temperature operation.
Weight3.0 kg
Dimensions400 (w) x 450 (d) x 65 (h) mm / 15.7 (w) x 17.7 (d) x 2.6 (h) in
Cage platform dimensions190 (w) x 335 (d) mm / 7.5 (w) x 13.2 (d) in
Power input100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Max Power draw90W
Temperature Operating Range10 to 40 degrees Celsius
Output connectorsBNC x 3
Output Voltage Range0 to 4V
Low Pass filtering on signal outputsCut off frequency - 1 kHz

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