Mouse Biopotential Telemeter

Mouse Biopotential Telemeter

Record ECG, EEG, or EMG

Product Code MT10B

Kaha Sciences mouse telemeters provide the ideal solution for research scientists looking to record high quality wireless biopotential signals (ECG, EEG, or EMG) and index of animal activity in mice over 22 grams.

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Kaha Sciences mouse telemeters provide the ideal solution for research scientists looking to record high quality wireless biopotential signals (ECG, EEG, or EMG) and index of animal activity in mice over 22 grams. 

Wireless data transmission and a high 2kHz sampling rate enables new research possibilities. Accurately measure parameters traditionally restricted to acute or tethered experiments from free-moving animals in their cages.




Index of activity


  • Powered by the tBase using patented wireless inductive technology, providing higher sampling rates (2 kHz) and temporal resolution for superior data quality
  • Supports continuous recording for extended sampling periods 
  • Use the index of animal activity to help interpret data and refine research protocols
  • Unique contoured shape designed to minimize irritation during subcutaneous implantation on the flank of mice
  • Provides improved animal welfare by allowing the subject to move freely within the cage and fully software controlled to reduce handling/impact of stress. Find out more about the benefits of telemetry.

Simple and Customizable Telemetry System Setup

Configure a Kaha Sciences Mouse telemetry system to meet your exact research needs. A typical mouse wireless telemetry system setup requires one tBase and Telemeter per animal, with only a single Configurator system required for each laboratory.

  1. Select and pair transmission frequencies between tBases and their Telemeters using the Configurator and ConfigSoft
  2. Surgically implant the Telemeter
  3. Connect the tBase to a PowerLab and/or Instrument Interface via BNC.

You are then ready to analyze your data using LabChart 8 or LabChart Lightning.

Configure a system to meet your exact needs

Mouse Biopotential


One tBase
per animal


One Configurator
per lab


Find out more about Small Animal Telemetry with ADI and Kaha Sciences

Required Products


Research Applications

Small Animal Telemetry
Animal Telemetry
Evoked Responses and Stimulation
Animal Neuroscience
Animal Autonomic
Animal Autonomic
Animal Telemetry

Key Features

  • Sampling rate 2 kHz - the highest sampling rate available for chronic mouse telemetry studies
  • Single-use telemeter shipped sterile and ready for implantation
  • Encased in durable, biocompatible hard-shell (ceramic)
  • Each telemeter provides measurement of a single biopotential signal (ECG, EEG or EMG), activity index, and data received notification
  • The telemeter does not contain a battery. Instead it receives power from inductive wireless power transfer when within 7 cm (vertical range) of the tBase surface.
  • Reliable data recording capabilities with no data loss, crosstalk, or interference - 40 independent data collection frequencies to choose from using Configurator System
  • Suitable for use in mice >22g


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Details and Tech Specs


Telemeter modelMT10B
SubjectMouse >22g
Biopotential input range+ 2.5 mV
Biopotential resolution12 bit A/D
Biopotential high pass characteristicsAC coupled, single pole, -3dB point at 2 Hz
Biopotential low pass characteristicsAC coupled, single pole, -3dB point at 440 Hz
Biopotential electrode leads8 cm length, coiled stainless steel
Biopotential electrode diameter0.42 mm
Sampling frequency2 kHz
Transmitted signalFully digital at 2.4 GHz
Transmission frequencies40 independent channels available; configured by user
Minimum animal weight22g
Outer materialCeramic (telemeter body) and polyurethane (leadset)
Volume1.8 cm3
On-off mechanismPowered when place on the tBase and deactivated when removed from the tBase
Analog output calibration values
Activity:0 V output = 0 RAU
3.84 V output = 10 RAU
Biopotential:2.048 V output = 0 mV input
4.096 V output = 2.5 mV input
Data received:~0 V output = 0 (no data received)
~3.3 V = 1 (data received)

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Mouse Biopotential Telemeter
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