Are there any issues with installing multiple versions of Chart / LabChart on the same machine?

It is recommended that only a single Chart or LabChart application be loaded onto a single machine. However if it is desired that multiple versions of Chart / LabChart be installed, then there are not any major performance issues that would be encountered, however be wary of using older Chart applications on newer Operating Systems, and newer version of LabChart on older Operating Systems.

You are, however, limited to having a single Chart or LabChart application running at a time. You cannot have both LabChart and LabChart 8 open simultaneously on a single machine, for example. 
One issue that may be encountered is that the machine may not be able to identify what version of the software an .adicht file was written with (since all versions share the same file extension). Subsequently, it may try to open a file written in LabChart 8 using LabChart 7, which in this example would cause a compatibility error:
In this instance, close the application and open the correct version of the software, and manually open the file by going to 'File' --> 'Open'.

You may also need to make a specific LabChart version open as default. To do this, right click on a adicht file and go "Open With" --> "Choose another app". Find the labChart version you need and click "Always use this app to open .adicht files"


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