Can comment times and text in LabChart files be exported to a text file?

Yes, there are two ways that comments can be exported to text files in LabChart.  First, the full comment text can be included when exporting file data to text by simply checking the Comments check box circled in the image of the Export As Text Settings Window enclosed below.



As shown in the image below, when this box is checked the full comment text is added to the text file as a new column at the row which corresponds to the sample time where the comment was placed in the original LabChart data file.


If only the comment time and full text is required,  The other option is to use LabChart's Data Pad and the Multiple Add to Data Pad feature to export a text file that only contains the required information.  To do this you will first need to setup the Data Pad by left mouse clicking on the appropriate Data Pad columns, setting one column to display the comment time, and a second column to record the full comment text from the correct channel.  Once the Data Pad columns are setup, go to the Commands Menu, and select 'Multiple Add to Data Pad...'  To add the comment times and full text to the Data Pad you will need to configure the Multiple Add to Data Pad Settings Window as shown in the image below.


When the Add button is clicked in the Multiple Add to Data Pad Settings Window, the comment times and full text for every comment in the file will be added to the Data Pad.  Finally, you will need to export the Data Pad as a text file.  The resulting text file will have two columns, the first will be the comment times and the second will contain the full comment text. 

Note: All images and instructions in this solution are for LabChart for Windows; however, the steps for accomplishing this in LabChart for Mac are identical aside from some minor menu wording differences.

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