Can I have different settings for my cyclic measurements on the same input data?

The cyclic measurement function in LabChart allows you to display a number of different calculations from the same data input, such as; Rate, Height, Mean and Max or Min DP/DT (a full list is in the drop down list in the cyclic measurement dialog). If you wish to display multiple calculations from the same data channel, the settings and customisation will be the same for each cyclic measurement channel, that is any settings that are changed for one measurement would be reflected in the other cyclic measurements channels.

On occassions, you may wish to have different settings for your cyclic measurements.  For example, the cyclic height is best calculated if you trigger from a minimum event, whereas the cyclic minimum is best triggered from the maximum event.  In order to set up both, you will need to duplicate the data channel using the arithmetic option.  The formula for this would just need to be Chx (where x is the data input channel). Ensure you change the units to match that of the original data channel.

You are then able to create a cyclic measurement with the required different settings from the duplicated channel.

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