Can I import a macro saved as a VBScript file?

LabChart is not able to import external VBScripts since the format won’t necessarily work in the context of LabChart scripting. However, if the script came from LabChart in the first place, the macro can be imported by copying and pasting code into a new macro in LabChart.

The following code snippet shows which portion of the code to copy:

// Copy from here...

Sub Macro ()

‘various macro command lines

End Sub

//... To here

Once you have copied the scrip for the Sub into your empty macro, ensure the Sub name matches your macro name. Due to special treatment required for white space and other special characters, it’s best to keep the target macro name simple until you have verified it is working. Once done, you can rename it in the Macro Properties dialogue in LabChart.

If you have further questions or concerns about this, please contact your local Technical Support Representative by completing the online form located HERE.