Can I use four channels of the Octal Bioamp/Bridgeamp with my PowerLab 26T?

It is not possible to use the ML138 Octal Bioamp or FE228 Octal Bridge amp with the 26 series PowerLabs (15T, 26T, 2/26 & 4/26). You should alternatively use a 4,8 or 16 channel Research PowerLab.

If you do attach the Octal Bioamp to the 26 series PowerLab, you will notice an exclamation mark next to the available powerlabs when LabChart is scanning for devices on start up.

If you hover over the exclamation mark with the mouse, the following explanation is given:

This occurs because the 26 series PowerLabs only have 6 available external IIC slots and the Octal Front-ends require 8, even if you only intend to use one channel.

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