The components of the ML/INL191 Blood Flow meter are manufactured by Oxford-Optronix. According to some documents published by Oxford-Optronix, the specs for the Oxford-Optronix LDF meter differ from our ML191. Are the units the same?

Yes the specifications for the two units actually the same. The LDF specifications published on the Oxford-Optronix website are not be relied on as they are based on earlier instruments. Further, BioPac appear to source their LDF instrument from Oxford-Optronix and consequently, BioPac cite incorrect specifications for their LDF instrument.

Both BioPac and Oxford-Optronix incorrectly state in some media that the Laser Power at the probe tip is 0.5-1.0 mW. This is based on an old spec. In reality the Laser Power at the probe tip is < 0.5 mW (the same as the ML191; see the
formal specs ).

The inaccurate specs. published by Oxford-Optronix and BioPac have created confusion because competitors have used these incorrect specs. to produce lock-out specs.

In fact, the LDF monitors sold by Oxford-Optronix and ADInstruments are classified as Class 1 Laser Products in accordance with the European Standard EN 60825-1 and 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11. The maximum output power at the probe tip is less than 0.5 mW. 


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