How can I add comments in LabChart?

Adding a comment allows you to mark a specific point in the LabChart data with text. There are few ways to add comments in LabChart .

Comments Bar
By default, your computer's cursor will be placed in the Comments Bar at the top of the Chart View while you are sampling. Using the keyboard will automatically place text in the Comments Bar, and pressing Enter or clicking the Add button will place a comment in the data stream.
Add Comment Command
In the Commands Menu choose 'Add Comment...', left click on the Toolbar Add Comment button, or right-click in the Chart/Scope View display area. Type the text you'd like to use, choose the Channel in which you prefer the comment to display, and click 'Add'.
Adding Comments Automatically
Prior to recording, you can set up shortcut keys to place comments for you. Select the 'Preset Comments...' feature in the 'Setup Menu' and click 'New'. In the Even Configuration dialog that appears, Select the 'Shortcut' event type. You can use function keys (e.g. F9) or key combinations using Shift, Alt, and Control (e.g. Alt + 1). 
Click the drop-down arrow next to the Comment Text to add Smart Comments such as #T (comment time) or #E (event count). 
More information about the Preset Comments feature appears in the LabChart video linked below, beginning at approximately the 31 minute mark.
If you require further technical assistance with this or any other issue, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support.