How can I transfer my analysis settings from one file to another?

In order to prevent having to repetitively set-up specific analysis settings on pre-recorded data files, it is possible to apply the same settings to additional files.

Assuming that the files have been recorded in the same way (# channels and channel layout), carry out one analysis, applying any required channel calculations such as cyclic measurements, arithmetic, filtering or smoothing. Make any scaling or layout modifications and set-up the data pad to extract the desired parameters. If using Macros, write and save these too. Once completed, save the data file as normal.  Additionally, save the file as a settings file:

  • File Menu>Save as Settings.........

In order to apply these settings to the next data set, open the saved Settings file, Choose 'Append' from the File Menu and navigate to a file that is yet to be analysed. Opening the file in the way will maintain the settings that you previously used, but pulls in the new data.


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