How do I connect single pin (unshielded) cables to the Lt Biopotential Sensor?

The biopotential sensor has connectors with two pins. Unshielded cables are compatible with this cable provided they are correctly attached. 
The shielded Lt Biopotential Sensor supplied by ADInstruments (LTS2010) has two rows of connection pins, one is the active or signal pin and the other is the shield. Attach unshielded cables to the upper signal pin (nearest the label) on the appropriate channel of the biopotential sensor (see Figure 1). 
Unshielded lead wires (MLA0315) and EEG flat electrodes (MLAWBT9) need to be connected to the signal pins. With the input labels facing upwards, the signal pins are the top row, and the unshielded lead wires and EEG flat electrodes should be connected here. 

Figure 1. Lead wires are connected to the top row of signal pins in the Lt Biopotential Sensor.