Webinar: Example Data in Lt

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Customer Success Manager, Liam Farley provides a comprehensive introduction to enabling, editing, and creating example data in Lt.

Learn about:

  • Revealing password protected example data
  • Displaying example data by default
  • Extracting example data from Data Panels
  • Manipulating example Data in LabChart
  • How to import your own data in Lt
  • FAQs on this topic

Workshop Overview

Where to go for help with Lt

Revealing and Displaying Example Data

Read-only Data and Scope Panels

Manipulating Example Data from Data Panels

  • Downloading and editing data in LabChart
  • Display locked lessons

Creating your own Example Data

  • Downloading LabChart files as text files
  • Need to convert non-LabChart files to text files
  • How to open text files in LabChart

Q & A Session

commentIs the community login separate from my Lt login?

The credentials used to access the Lt Community are separate from your Lt Credentials. See here to sign up to the Lt Community if you have not already.

comment Since we cannot even access our campuses, is there any way to get sample data that we are unable to collect ourselves?

Yes, for all of the pre-made exercises we have made, we also have pre-recorded sample data that your students can access remotely. You can enable that data to show by default or require your students to enter an access code when accessing the sample data.

comment Lessons I’ve seen so far use Scope panels. Can I use LabChart data and pull it into Scope panels?

Answered live. Yes, files recorded in scope format can also be imported into Lt as either Scope Data Panels or Read-only Scope Panels.

comment For muscle data, Max-min is valuable. Any options for that, or workarounds?

By dragging the black marker (M) to the max peak, and using a point selector on the minimum you will see the amplitude (delta value).

comment Are we able to then upload our own data as sample data for students working remotely?

Yes. If the data is a LabChart Data File (.adicht) file then yes. There are ways to import data generated outside of LabChart into LabChart. Please contact your ADI representative for how to go about this.

comment I’m on a Mac. Do my LabChart files have to be in Windows format, and do I just drag and drop from a Finder window to import? Also, Is there a desirable seconds of recording length for a scope panel?

Answered Live. Any .adicht file should be able to be imported into Lt. The ideal recording length for a scope panel depends on the experiment. A tip would be to set the length of the recording to twice what you’d expect, then repeat now you know what range you’re working with.

comment Can we get a list of the labs that ADI can provide sample data for?

Yes, we can. Know that the list of labs with example data will grow as we are currently adding it to some of the labs that currently do not have it. Most do though!

comment Is there any way of importing .csv data eg collected from another system (parvomedics) into LabChart file?

Answered Live. Most likely, if the raw data points can be converted into a text file, LabChart can likely read this. There might be some extra information needed for particular situations, please contact your ADI representative or visit the Lt Community for more help if so.

comment I have lengthy LabChart recordings from last year (GI smooth muscle physiology prac) - presumably I can crop sections out and resave the files and import like you just showed us?

Yes, you can absolutely do this. It will take a little editing within LabChart highlighting and deleting sections of data. Please reach out to your ADI representative if you need help with this.

comment I’m a bit confused about the step for replacing sample data. Do I use the dropdown with the command “Upload settings file”, but I think I upload an .adicht file instead?

No, you will need LabChart 8 but we are happy to help you with this as needed.

comment If I cannot access the lab to create new sample data, can I access data acquired by students last year to use as sample data this year?

Answered Live. If the data was recorded on LabChart then yes, however, if recorded in Lt no.

comment Is there a good walkthrough for students? The one I have sent to students seems very basic…

Answered Live. Embedded within ADI lessons are instructions on how to use different aspects of the Data Panels. These are usually embedded within pop ups in the procedural text.

comment I am using 4 channels PowerLab (research licence) and LabChart for my research project, my data is recorded in the LabChart data panel, how can I send it to the Lt panel?

If you save your data as an .adicht file, you will be able to upload the file into an Lt lesson.

comment Can comments be added to the example data though?

Very soon! By the end of next week, we should have this working.

comment Is there any difference between research and teaching licence in terms of features?

Here is a link to the different LabChart licenses.

comment Are all the add-ons active in Lt e.g. spirometry?

Not all LabChart Modules are available in Lt, most aren’t but there are equivalents, in particular, spirometry.