How do I open a file recorded with LabChart for Mac in LabChart for Windows?

Prior to LabChart 8, the file format used by  LabChart for Mac is not compatible with LabChart for Windows.  You will need to convert the file to the Windows compatible format in the the LabChart for Mac software by following the steps below:


  1. With the file open in the LabChart for Mac software go to the File Menu, and select the Save as... option.
  2. The Save As Settings Window will now appear. 
  3. In the Format Menu, select the LabChart for Windows Data option, and click the Save button.
  4. If you have performed channel calculations that are unique to the LabChart for Mac software, the Translation Options Window will now appear.
  5. In the Translation Options Window, select whether you would like to ignore all calculations and only save the raw data, or replace any underlying data with the calculation(s) as a data trace; then click the Okay button.  If you choose the latter of these two options, you will not be able to edit any of parameters used to create the calculation(s) in LabChart for Windows.
  6. The LabChart for Windows compatible version of the file will now be saved at the save location you designated in the Save As Settings Window.

Note: Steps above are only necessary for files recorded with LabChart/Chart for Mac versions 7.2.5 and earlier. 

For further technical assistance with this or any other issue, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support by clicking HERE.