How do I reduce noise that is appearing on the volume segments of the Millar MPVS Ultra?

Electrical interference may be caused by other pieces of equipment (ECG Leads, Stimulators, Power Cables, etc.) that are connected to or near the animal during the experiment. Initially, try removing these peripheral electrodes/devices to determine if they are the source of interference. The user may also try to improve the animal's electrical grounding by using a POAG grounding cable (SP0134) with one end attached to the animal (as close to the heart as possible) while the other end is attached to the grounding stud on the rear of the Millar MPVS Ultra unit or the rear of the ADInstruments PowerLab.  Finally, if the noise is primarily 60 or 50 Hz noise from mains power a 50 Hz or 40 Hz Low Pass filter, respectively, can be used to remove this type of noise, but only as a last resort.

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