How do I save my LabChart file with a date/time stamp as file name?

If you intend to save your files in the format of a date/timestamp e.g. '2015-02-17_10_23.adicht' you can automate this by using LabChart's macro functionality. Unfortunately, LabChart is not able to extract easily the time at start or end of your recording, however, you can use basic VBScript functions.

The now function returns the current date and time according to the setting of your computer's system date and time. The output can be '17.02.2015 10:23:56' or '17/2/2015 10:23:56' depending on you language settings. Special characters like slashes, dots or colons are usually not the best characters for a file name. The file name can be created much more flexible to your needs by extracting the single numbers of date and time and then concatenate them. For example use year(now) to return a number that represents the year.
The attached settings file includes examples for file names with format YYYY-MM-DD_hh_mm and YYYYMMDD_hh_mm.
To automate the saving to your hard drive you need to specify the path to a folder. Please amend the path in the macro to your needs.
Note: Execute the macro just before starting your recording to save the file with a timestamp of when you started recording. After you have stopped recording simply use File > Save to retain the file name.
Execute the macro after you stopped recording to save the file with a timestamp of when you stopped recording.

If you are unsure or uncomfortable with using macros please contact you local ADInstruments support staff for help.