How do I switch rat telemeters between Safe Mode and Active Mode?

Rat telemeters are shipped in Safe Mode and it is recommended that they are stored in this mode between uses or during long-term storage. In order to switch a telemeter to Active Mode it must be placed within the wireless power field of an active SmartPad(Figure 1). At this stage, the telemeter and the SmartPad do not need to be paired on the same Transmission Frequency, unless data collection is required, and this can be done with the telemeter still in it's sterile packaging.
Once the telemeter is in Active Mode it will transmit data. Unless it is paired on the same Transmission Frequency as a SmartPad and within the wireless power field, the telemeter will be powered by the back up battery.
Figure 1: Switching a telemeter between Safe Mode and Active Mode
The T190 Configurator System and ConfigSoft are used to switch telemeters from Active Mode to Safe Mode at the end of an experiment or for storage. To return a telemeter to Safe Mode follow this protocol:
  1. Move the telemeter at least 1m from any active SmartPads.
  2. Within the Rat Telemeter Tab of ConfigSoft (Figure 2), enter the Serial Number and current Transmission Frequency of the telemeter, if they are known
  3. If either the Serial Number or Transmission Frequency of the telemeter are unknown, click the Search for Telemeter function of ConfigSoft and select the desired telemeter from the pop-up list to populate the fields in the Rat Telemeter Tab. NB this will only find telemeters in Active Mode
  4. In the Put Telemeter into Safe Mode section of the Rat Telemeter Tab, click Go
  5. A window will appear asking you to confirm the action and you can proceed by clicking OK
  6. After a few seconds a window will appear confirming that the telemeter is now in Safe Mode
Figure 2: The Rat Telemeter Tab of ConfigSoft
Once the telemeter is in Safe Mode it must be kept away from any active SmartPads to avoid accidentally switching it back to Active Mode without realising.