How does Lt Student Direct Purchase (SDP) work?

Student direct purchase is currently only available to customers in the United States.

Student direct purchase is the easiest (and often cheapest!) way for students to obtain access to Lt. Here’s how it works;

  1. We provide a unique URL for your students to purchase their Lt access codes online. 
  2. You send this link to your students along with their Lt account invitation.  Additionally, access cards can be provided to the campus bookstore for students who prefer a physical card.
  3. Students can create their account at any stage but also have the option to use Lt restriction-free for 21 days while they’re getting set up for the semester
  4. Students purchase their access code, either by using the unique link provided for your course or via the bookstore
  5. Students enter their access code to enable Lt for the duration of their course!

Is this process safe and secure for students?
Yes, SendOwl (the service utilised by ADInstruments) is a licence distribution application used by many companies. It complies with external data privacy/security regulations and has also passed our own internal security and legal review.

How do refunds work?
Any unused codes will be refunded in full. Once a code is used, we are unable to refund the student.
We always recommend our customers encourage their students to utilise the 21 day grace period offered for new accounts. Especially for students who are unsure if they will progress with the course.