Is it possible to export HRV report data in a format capable of being opened in another software package?

It is not possible to export this data directly, but you can use the Data Pad view in LabChart to generate the same data.  This can be done on specific selections of data or the whole channel, which can be set under the 'Settings...' option in the HRV Menu.

Individual columns in Data Pad can be set-up to show various HRV Parameters, and will be populated from the current HRV analysis region. The resulting data in the Data Dad then can be exported in tab-delimited *.txt format, which can be opened and analyzed in other softwares.  To export the data, you’ll need to select 'Data Pad Only as a Text File' from the file type drop down menu in the 'Export As' dialog window which can be accessed by selecting 'Export...' under the File Menu.

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