Is it possible to order custom Bio Amp cables?

ADInstruments Bio Amp and Dual Bio Amp are shipped with a 3-lead or 5-lead Bio Amp cable with an AAMI 6-pin medical connector (AAMI = Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation). The Bio Amps (FE132, FE135 and Teaching PowerLabs with in-build Bio Amps) consist of electrically isolated differential input AC amplifiers with common isolated ground connections. The BF rating (body-protected equipment) and the certification only applies to the Bio Amp with the Bio Amp cable we deliver.
Any modification of the Bio Amp cable or using a customized cable will void the certification!
For a customized connection we recommend to use one of the different lead wires that connect to the Bio Amp cable:
  • snap on
  • alligator clip
  • micro hook
  • shielded Ag-AgCl biopotential electrodes
or the Bio Cable – Animal use only (Dual Bio to 5 Alligator, 1 m)
Following the AAMI standards for medical devices the medical connector - supported by many monitors like Spacelab, GE, Phillips - is moulded. However, there are online companies selling connector kits, e.g. AMC Advanced Medical Cables.