What are the advantages of using an FE141 Spirometer over an ML311 Spirometer Pod?

Spirometry Flow can be measured using either the Spirometer Amplifier (FE141) or the Spirometer Pod (ML311) with a suitable flow head.
The Spirometer Amplifier offers a number of advantages over the Pod when recording data for research purposes.  The amp contains a precision differential pressure transducer.  This makes the amplifier less susceptible to temperature drift than the pod (0.05% full scale per degC). The amp has a greater number of amplification ranges, +/- 20mV to +/-500mV in 5 steps, offering better resolution and more accuracy in the calculated Volume values. Additionally, the amplifier has a wider range of Low Pass filtering options (1, 10 and 100Hz) and has greater long term stability than the pod.