What is the difference between Lt Admin-Student View versus the normal Student view for an experiment?

The difference between the view accessed via the  Admin-Student View button and the view displayed when invited to a course as a Student user are as follows.

  • The permanent recording of data and tracking of analytics is done in the Student account, not in the Admin account with Student View.
  • If you wish to test your labs with teaching assistances (TA's) for functionality, using the Admin-Student View should work fine. However, no data will be saved once you exit the lesson and Analytics will not be tracked.

When you access the Admin-Student View, you'll be alerted by this dialog pictured below:

You will notice the Commit button will be grayed out. This is because the Admin-Student View does not save your results (if you were to exit and re-enter the lesson) nor does it track your analytics. If you want to keep a record of the data you tested and track the analytics of your testing session, you or one of your TA's would need to be invited to the course as a student. A student logged in individually, would see this dialog at the top of the lesson they entered:

If you select "Continue Lesson" another dialog pops up asking if you want to do the lesson by yourself (without a group). If you Select "Continue by Myself" you would be able to complete the entire lab, including Committing it at the very end. All of the data would be saved and analytics would be tracked. Instructors would also be able to see that you did the lab as an individual, rather than a group.

Please refer to KuraCloud Help website for more helpful instructions.