What does the scripting error "Overflow: 'Doc.AddCommentAtPositionEx' mean?

You might have used a LabChart macro in the past successfully, but suddenly you encounter an error message like the one shown here:

If the macro worked before the error now is most likely due to an update in LabChart that may have affected macro code. In this example the function AddCommentAtPositionEx() contains the parameter 'ChannelIndexOrAll' to tell the function in which channel the comment should be placed.
Previous versions of the AddComment functions used an arbitrary number like "4294967295" for 'all channels'. In newer version of LabChart (as of 8.1.7) this has been changed to a user-friendly 'kAllChannels'. 
In your macro locate all appearances of "AddComment*" using for example a text editor and replace the above number by 'kAllChannels' - without quotes. After saving the LabChart file (and the macro) the macro should work as before. If you still run into problems please contact ADInstruments support staff. 

For further technical assistance with this or any other issue, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support by clicking HERE.