What is the largest file size possible in LabChart 8?

LabChart 8 has no application limit on recording lengths or file size, although file size may be limited by your system capabilities. Each sample takes, at most, two bytes of storage, so recording on one channel at 200 000 samples per second, for example, would use 1 x 200 000 x 2 = 400 000 bytes (400 K) of memory per second, or about 24 megabytes per minute.

At the bottom-right of the LabChart Application window is a memory indicator. This shows the amount of free disk space you have on your computer. You should have at least twice as much free disk space as the size of the file you are planning to record and save; for example, if your file will be 10 MB when you are ready to save, you should have at least 20 MB free disk space. As you record, a progress indicator shows how much of this available space has been used. When a file is saved, the amount of space available for recording is recalculated as LabChart saves the file and deletes the disk buffer.

Note: LabChart can record up to 2 000 000 000 ticks (the equivalent of the number of samples in the channel with the highest sampling rate) into one data block. A new block will be automatically created and recording will continue if this limit is reached during sampling. A block separator appears, but no data will be missing from the file.

Your computer, its operating system and other running programs are the main limitations to LabChart recording lengths and file sizes. 

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