What is the pinout for the connector on the EPC-5A EPR Catheter Interface Cable?

The EPC-5A Catheter Interface Cable (5 ft) is used with the Millar Ultra-miniature Electrophysiology Catheter(EPR-800, EPR-801,EPR-802)and allows the catheter to be connected to any ADInstruments Bio Amp, via the Bio Amp Cable or directly to the ML138 Octal Bio Amp. The cable has a Redel connector to eight (8) 1.5 mm shrouded sockets. It includes a pack of ten (10) 2 mm pin adapters to allow connection to the FE136 Animal Bio Amp.

The connections to the eight electrodes are color coded. Please refer to the schematic diagram below and the attached Manual (8 Electrode Conductance Cable) for additional details regarding the pinout of the EPC-5A cable.