When I open LabChart, I get an error stating that 'LabChart cannot read all the settings in this file'. Why am I getting this error, and will I lose data or settings?

For Windows

This error is most commonly encountered when sharing LabChart / Chart Data Files between peers or colleagues, or opening a file written by an older version of the software. The error states that the file you are trying to open was saved with the mentioned extension (including version number) enabled, and your version of LabChart / Chart does not have this extension (or matching version of this extension) active.

The key thing to note is that this error will appear even if the file does not even utilize the extension.
It is fine to simply click 'Okay' and continue to open the file, but you will lose any settings that were configured for that extension, though no raw data will be lost. If you are unsure if the settings for a given extension are important, you could either:
  • Speak to the original author of the file to confirm if any given extension is being utilized
  • Download and activate the missing extensions (extensions are free, and can be downloaded from the ADInstruments' Website's Downloads section, however at present only the extensions for the latest version of LabChart are available). This would only remove the error if using the same versions of the extensions as the original author of the file.
Extensions can be enabled or disabled using the Feature Manager within LabChart ('Help' --> 'Feature Manager'), and checking / unchecking the box next to the extension of interest:
For Mac
LabChart for Mac does not produce the error upon the opening of LabChart, however any extensions that aren't enabled will still have their functionality removed, it is therefore important that you speak to the author of the file to check what extensions are being used.
Within LabChart for Mac, for extensions that use Channels (such as Spirometry), you will be notified with an error symbol above the Channel Name at the right-hand side of Chart View if settings were not loaded due to the extension not being enabled.
As with Windows, extensions can be enabled or disabled via the 'Feature Manager', found under the 'LabChart' menu within LabChart.

For further technical assistance with this or any other issue, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support by clicking HERE.