When opening a signed GLP File, why do I get a 'none of the rules apply' error during the signature check?

This error is caused when trying to open a GLP File signed by a user on a different GLP Server setup than the one on which this file is being opened. To open a file generated by a user on an other GLP Server, you'll need to add them to your GLP Server.

This issue stems from the Activation Period set when you imported their Public Certificate. When importing a Public Certificate, the 'Active From' Date will default to the current (computer) date. If the file you are trying to open was signed earlier than this date, it will produce the 'none of the rules apply' error:

To correct this, set the Activation Date to match the Activation Date of the Public Certificate on the originating GLP Server:

This information is valid for GLP Server v6.0 or newer and LabChart v8.1.5 or more recent.

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