Which pressure input on the CEC-10E PV Extension Cable should I use with my PV catheter?

The CEC-10E PV Extension Cable (10 ft) can be used for connecting a single pressure or dual pressure  multi-segmented pressure volume catheter, a single pressure single segment pressure volume catheter, and/or a pressure catheter to the MPVS Ultra PV Unit. It incorporates one REDEL connector for measuring the volume signal and two Low-Profile connectors for measuring one or two pressure signals. 

If you are using a PV catheter with just one pressure sensor intended to measure ventricular pressure, you should connect it to the CEC-10E input labeled Pressure 1. If your PV catheter has a secondary pressure sensor, or if you are measuring pressure using a separate pressure catheter, you should connect the secondary pressure sensor's connector to the input labeled Pressure 2.

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