MPVS Ultra PV Unit (large & small animals)

Product Code 880-0168

For measurement of  ventricular pressure and volume in small (mice, rats) through to large animals (dog, sheep, pig).

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The MPVS Ultra Pressure-Volume (PV) Unit from Millar and a compatible Pressure-Volume catheter, use state-of-the-art technology in the measurement of left ventricular pressure and volume in small (mice, rats) through to large animal (dog, sheep, pig) hearts. The MPVS Ultra PV Unit is included in the MPVS Ultra Foundation System. The unit provides analog outputs with BNC connectors for direct connection to an Instrument Interface plus PowerLab C for two pressure channels and seven selectable volume channels.


  • US or European power cord, USB cable
  • User manual and MPVS Ultra training CD
  • MPVS Ultra Control software

Purchased separately:

Key Features

  • Analog outputs for two pressure signals and seven selectable volume outputs to easily integrate with PowerLab and LabChart.
  • Seamless integration with PowerLab, LabChart and the PV Loop Module.
  • Built-in volume calibration technique using Rho cuvette and Baan’s equation.
  • Flexible volume determination using selectable catheter segments.
  • Adjustable gain settings to allow both in vivo and in vitro studies.
  • Can be used with small and large animals.
  • Software-controlled user interface.
  • Dual pressure inputs.
  • Compatible with all Millar Mikro-Tip® PV Catheters.


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MPVS Ultra PV Unit (large & small animals)
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