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LabTutor Retirement

LabTutor will no longer be sold or packaged with teaching kits in regions where Lt or Lt LabStation are available. LabTutor will be retired in most regions by the end of 2019.

We encourage LabTutor users to contact their closest ADInstruments office to talk to one of our sales team about transitioning to Lt or Lt LabStation with minimum fuss.

You can continue to use LabTutor as it is, if it is working for you. However, we will not be developing any new features or new versions.

Lt and Lt LabStation are modern teaching platforms that function with newer operating systems. They let us advance from where LabTutor has left off, providing a more future-proof solution. It means that we can continue to provide you with the very best active learning experience for your students while reducing the stress of curriculum development and content organization for instructors.

For more information on Lt click here

For more information on Lt LabStation click here

When will we stop supporting LabTutor?

We estimate we will be able to support LabTutor until it’s retirement in late 2019. However this support is heavily dependant on operating system updates, which are out of our control. We pride ourselves on our support and service and we will strive to give you a similar level of service, as long as the technology allows!

Software Downloads

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