Kaha Telemetry System Overview

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This demo is an overview of the main components of our Kaha telemetry system. This includes the telemeters, the Configurator, and the SmartPad/tBase.

Topics discussed during the demonstration include different telemeter options and what signals can be recorded from either a rat or a mouse, as well as the general features of the system with a focus on the benefits they provide to researchers interested in wireless recordings.

The discussion is followed by a demonstration of how to set the system up, how to operate the software to control the telemeters and their respective bases, and how the data might appear when recorded into LabChart.

Key points in this video:

01:30 Overview of the Kaha Wireless Telemetry system overview and components
04:55 Bases and wireless continuous charging
07:30 Mouse Biopotential Telemeter
09:45 Rat Telemeters
13:00 Benefits of Solid-State Catheter technology in long term studies
15:35 Key benefits of wireless telemetry

18:00 Set up Demonstraion
24:38 ConfigSoft demonstration

35:00 FAQs and Q&A 

Demo Learning Objectives

  • Understand the main components of the Kaha telemetry system and what signals can be recorded.
  • Understand the benefits of using the system for research with mice or rats.
  • Understand how to quickly and easily set-up the system to start recording data.


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Katrina Irey                
Kaha Sales Specialist, North American Sales, ADInstruments, Inc

Katrina Irey started working for ADInstruments in July of 2018 shortly after graduating from Miami University with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. ADInstruments was the perfect combination to use the physiological knowledge and signal processing skills gained in school while having meaningful interactions and experiences with researchers throughout the sales process.