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Rat Telemetry System Overview
- presented by Sarah-Jane Guild, Scientific Consultant at ADInstruments

The Kaha Sciences Rat Telemetry system is the ideal solution for researchers looking to record continuous, high-resolution, reliable data from freely moving animals. 

Each Rat Telemetry System can be configured to meet your exact research needs. A typical setup requires one telemeter and one SmartPad per animal. Choose from a range of 7 telemeters, with options to record physiological pressures (e.g. arterial,  ventricular or intracranial), biopotentials (ECG, EEG, and EMG), sympathetic nerve activity, or Tissue oxygen concentration. In addition to the telemeter and SmartPad, each lab requires one Configurator System, paired with a PowerLab and LabChart 8 or LabChart Lightning software. 

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