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Are you passionate about Applied Human Physiological Research and eager to explore the latest findings in this field?  Join our four guest speakers, as they unveil their findings and offer a glimpse into the fascinating world of applied physiology. 


Key Highlights:

  • Gain insights into the practical applications of the research presented. These findings have the potential to impact not only the academic field but also real-life scenarios, from sports performance to healthcare.
  • Experience a wealth of diverse viewpoints with speakers from Austria, the United Kingdom, Norway and France.
  • Acquire valuable knowledge from our esteemed speakers as they unveil their latest findings and expertise across diverse facets  of applied physiology.



The journey into intricacies of human physiology promises to be enlightening, with each speaker presenting their unique perspective and discoveries in the field. From cross-talk between hypoxia and cold stress to the impact of intermittent sauna and cold-water immersion on cardiovascular function, this event is your gateway to the latest insights that could revolutionize our understanding of health and performance.  

Here's a sneak peak at what you can expect from some of our guest speakers.......          

Prof. Justin Lawley - University of Innsbruck, Austria          
Cross talk hypoxia and cold stress          
Explore the research of Professor Justin Lawley, based in Innsbruck, Austria, as he unveils the fascinating world of cross-talk between hypoxia and cold stress. Gain insights into the physiological responses and adaptations to these challenges, offering new perspectives on human health performance.          

Dr. Bert Bond - University of Exeter, UK          
Exploring the regulation of brain blood flow during changes in blood pressure          
Join us as Dr. Bert Bond, from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, delves into the fascinating realm of brain blood flow regulation. His research sheds light on the intricate mechanism that governs changes in blood pressure and their impact on the brain.          

Dr. Ann-Katrin Grotle - Western Norway University of Applied Sciences , Norway        
The impact of intermittent sauna and cold-water immersion on cardiovascular function          
Dr. Ann-Katrin Grotle, hailing from Norway, presents her intriguing findings on the effects of intermittent sauna and cold-water immersion on cardiovascular function. The ultimate goal of this research is to inform and develop effective and safe therapeutic strategies to improve overall health. 

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About the speakers:


Prof Justin Lawley             
University of Innsbruck, Austria          
 Born in North Wales in 1983, Professor Justin Lawley's journey through sports science and outdoor activities led him to Bangor University, where he delved into the effects of low oxygen on the human brain during his doctoral studies. Subsequently, his postdoctoral training in the United States with Professor Benjamin Levine explored gravity's impact on intracranial pressure and cerebral hemodynamics, xenon doping in sports, and enhancing cardiac compliance in aging through exercise. Since 2017, he's been the Professor of Performance Physiology and Prevention at the University of Innsbruck, also conducting research at the Institute of Mountain Emergency Medicine, EURAC Research adaptation to stress (i.e. exercise, low oxygen and cold levels, and weightlessness) and using this knowledge to improve human health and performance. 



Dr. Bert Bond, Ph.D.       
Senior Lecturer, Sport and Health Sciences     
University of Exeter     
Bert Bond's research focuses on understanding how lifestyle exposures (such as exercise, nutrition, sleep and head impacts) influence parameters of cardiometabolic and vascular health across the lifespan. This involves performing a range of innovative techniques (notably vascular ultrasound) across a range of populations.



Dr. Ann-Katrin Grotle, Ph.D.       
Associate Professor in Sports and Health   
Western Norway University of Applied Sciences  
Ann-Katrin Grotles’s background and primary interests are in cardiovascular and exercise physiology. Her research focuses on the cardiovascular consequences of disease and lifestyle behaviors and exercise (and exercise mimetics) as medicine. The ultimate goal of this research is to inform and develop effective and safe therapeutic strategies to improve overall health. She is also interested in football and has previous experience as a competitive player and coach. She previously worked to implement strategies that focused on injury prevention and physical capacity in highly competitive women's and men's football players.


Dr. Julien Brugniaux     
Associate Professor in Exercise Physiology
University Grenoble Alpes, France