New in LabChart 8: Data Plots

I first launched LabChart in 1988 – it’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years! And while there have been many updates since Chart 1.0 first shipped, it’s always exciting to release a new version. Our latest release, LabChart 8, is no exception. The team here have worked very hard to improve our favorite features and develop some great new ones. It’s a fantastic feeling to finally show and ship the result of this work. We’ll talk about a few of the new features over the coming week - let us know what you think are the best bits! Thanks again, 

Michael Macknight
CEO ADInstruments

Today, let's look at a feature called Data Plots that we hope will make your data analysis quicker, easier and more visually appealing.

Instant graph-ification with Data Plots

The Data Plots feature lets you quickly create plots to analyze your data or even monitor trends in your data as you sample. You can make a plot right within LabChart – no more time spent cutting and pasting data between applications!    

See Data Plots in action.

So what can Data Plots do? Create line graphs and bar graphs, scattergrams and histograms from the data on your Data Pad, and apply linear and non-linear curve fits. You can easily export and print your plot.

And because it’s built into LabChart, Data Plots has lots of advantages over a stand-alone application:

  • Plots are live-linked to the Data Pad so they automatically update if the Data Pad content changes.    
  • Plots can expand while sampling by using the Timed Add to Data Pad feature.    
  • Plots are saved with your LabChart data file so can’t get lost.     
  • You can see and adjust which piece of the Data Pad you are graphing.
  • You don’t need extra software, just upgrade to LabChart 8.    

We hope you find the Data Plot feature useful. We’d love to hear some stories from the field!

Read more about LabChart 8 or contact us to see how Data Plots and LabChart 8 can work for you.

17 Dec 2013

By Alex Sides

Scientific Writer


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