New in LabChart 8: LabChart Pro for students

Our new Student Licenses provide access to LabChart Pro for data analysis. Your students can work on data outside of class, so you can devote more of their lab time to teaching hands-on, practical, data-collection techniques.

Licensed to learn

Until now, we didn’t have an answer for educators who wanted to have all the students in a class use LabChart at home on their own computers. With the LabChart 8 Student License, we now have a low-cost option which lets students use the full feature set of LabChart Pro at home, in the library or in a study group - anywhere they can take their laptop.

How does it work? To make the new licenses available for their students, educators buy a set of scratch cards. When these are activated through our web site, the full version of LabChart Pro (without sampling) becomes available to the student for 6 months, including access to all our in-depth analysis Add-Ons.

We think the Student Licenses are a great new option for high-end educators. They work really well with the Send function of LabChart 8. If you missed that post, check it out here or read more about the Student Licenses. We’d love to hear about how you are using them!


20 Dec 2013

By Alex Sides

Scientific Writer


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