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3 Aug 2012

Learn about the 2012 Craw-Fly workshop and techniques covered in the course. 

3 Aug 2012

If you regularly take time to enjoy the outdoors then chances are you’ll benefit in a number of ways both mentally and physically. This study explores some of the mechanisms responsible for this in a...

27 Jul 2012

Internal anal sphincter muscle tissue was engineered from human smooth muscle cells with a view to investigating viable replacement sphincter tissue for patients with incontinence. 

20 Jul 2012
29 Jun 2012

Cognitive enhancing drugs offer symptomatic relief from mental fatigue and cognitive decline in early-stage brain diseases. This study shows the how a novel cognitive enhancing drug, ST101, exerts...

22 Jun 2012

This study reports on findings that lead-toxicity causes Parkinsonian-like symptoms, which were partly explained through changes in  neuronal firing patterns in a part of the brain called the...

15 Jun 2012

This study investigated whether EEMD-matched filter signal analysis techniques, applied to visual-evoked potentials, would yield improved information transfer rates that would more easily allow a...

13 Jun 2012

Behavioral mimicry is an important element of human social interaction – but what drives it? This study shows that perceived reward has a powerful influence on how we mimic facial expressions in...

6 Jun 2012

Over a decade ago the rubber hand illusion was discovered. Since then, studies have investigated the neurophysiological and cognitive basis for the body-ownership illusion. This study investigated...

6 Jun 2012

Do particular extremes of emotions generate signature autonomic changes? If so, 'reading' people's physiological responses could provide insight into emotional status. Henderson et al (2012) examined...

4 May 2012

This paper shows that the link between psychological stress and hyperalgesia is partly mediated by overactive spinomedullary processing pathways.

27 Apr 2012

This study used retroviral delivery of transcription factors to convert cardiac fibroblasts into cardiac myocytes, in a mouse model of myocardial infarction. 

19 Apr 2012

The goal of this research was to test the viability of a novel artificial mouth and tongue device, which may have potential applications in the food and flavor industry. 

5 Apr 2012

This study investigated the relationship between the size of crayfish weaponry and pincer grip force.

15 Mar 2012

This study investigated the occurrence of cardiovascular deconditioning among astronauts during long-duration space flight (up to 180 days).