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The Metabolic Module for LabChart is ideal for determining cardiorespiratory function and exercise physiology measurements.

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The Metabolic Module for LabChart is ideal for determining cardiorespiratory function and exercise physiology measurements, such as VO2 max analysis. The Metabolic Analysis Module is intended primarily for use with the Exercise Physiology System. The System records inspired or expired air flow from a pneumotech, and CO2 and O2 concentrations from expired air in a gas mixing chamber. The simultaneous measurement of respiratory gas concentrations and air flow allows for various metabolic variables to be calculated and displayed, such as VO2, VCO2, RER and VE.

The Metabolic Module is included as part of LabChart Pro or can be purchased separately.


Research Applications

Human Exercise Physiology
Human Respiratory
Respiratory Gas Analysis
Human Respiratory

Key Features

  • Specialized analysis of metabolic function.
  • Perform metabolic measurements and analysis of respiratory gas.
  • Online and offline analysis of metabolic data.
  • Automatic calculations of:
    • VE expired minute volume (L/min)
    • VO2 oxygen consumption (L/min)
    • VCO2 carbon dioxide production (L/min)
    • RER respiratory gas ratio
  • Real time tabulation and graphical plot display of metabolic calculations.
  • Eight options for viewing results of the metabolic calculations:
    • Log Window
    • VE(BTPS) vs VO2
    • VE(BTPS) vs VCO2
    • VCO2 vs VO2
    • RER vs Time
    • VO2 vs Time
    • VCO2 vs Time
    • VE(BTPS) or VI(ATPS) vs Time
  • Metabolic Settings Dialog options include:
    • General preferences: Averaging time (data logging) and recording time (duration of experiment) settings
    • Subject details: name, age, weight, height, gender, id number, comments
    • Environment settings: Expired/inspired, atmospheric and air conditions
    • Channel Setup
    • Calibration preferences: settings for automated first and second gas calibrations
    • Report generation: Users can choose what they want to be included in report
  • Metabolic graphs and calculations are compiled into a report that can be printed or exported to other programs for further analysis.


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