Muscle Holder

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The Muscle Holder is ideally used to hold isolated skeletal muscle, such as the ​gastrocnemius muscle from frog or toad. The isolated muscle is placed in the upper chamber while an intact nerve (such as the sciatic nerve) can be placed on built-in stimulating electrodes located in the lower chamber. The holder is manufactured from perspex, making it robust, easy to clean, and ideal for student classrooms.

The holder has a base plate that can support a beaker (150-200 ml) below the level of the electrodes. A silicon tube on the side of the holder can be connected to an air/oxygen source, to deliver air to the solution around for the muscle and nerve.

Included with the Muscle Holder is a bar for attaching to the Manipulator and Stand or any laboratory retort stand. A stand clamp (purchased separately) is required for attachment to any stand.

We recommend using the Muscle Holder with the Teaching Force Transducer (0-500g). A Bridge Pod is required for existing users of the Force Transducer (0-500 gms), which has been discontinued.



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Muscle Holder
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