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A low-cost signal conditioner designed to work with bridge-type transducers and PowerLab data acquisition systems. The Bridge Pod provides a stable +2.5 V excitation source for full-bridge strain-gauge transducers. A 300 Hz low-pass filter is built-in to reduce signal noise and a manual DC offset adjustment is provided.

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Key Features

  • An excitation voltage of 2.5 V applied to the transducer with the transducer output signal being differentially amplified and then low pass filtered to remove high frequency signals.
  • Offset adjustment by a 10-turn potentiometer on the front of the Bridge Pod, allowing transducer offsets or pretension load signals to be removed before recording.
  • Offset control provides ±200 mV of offset range (at input) on the low gain setting and ±20 mV of offset range (at input) on the high gain setting.


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Details and Tech Specs


Bridge Pod Data Card

  • Input impedance: ~470 K || 3 pF Differential
  • Input ranges: 200 μV to 20 mV in 1:2:5 steps (×10 Gain selected) 50 mV to 200 mV in 1:2:5 steps (×10 Gain deselected)
  • DC drift: 2 μV/°C
  • DC excitation: 2.5 V nominal
  • Minimum load resistance: 300 Ω
  • Amplifier noise: <1 μV RMS (10 Hz bandwidth)
  • Low-pass filter: 300 Hz, 3rd order Bessel
  • DC offset adjustment range: ±200 mV, 10-turn potentiometer, software selectable
  • Operating conditions: 0 – 35 °C, 0 – 90% humidity — non-condensing
  • Input connector: 5-pin mini audio connector
  • Enclosure size (l × w × h): 108 × 58 × 35 mm
  • Cable length: 1.5 m
  • Weight: ~200 g

All specifications are subject to change.

Product Code

Bridge Pod



Operating System Recommended Hardware Alternate Hardware
LabChart Lightning Windows / Mac Traditional PowerLab cross
LabChart 8 Windows / Mac Traditional PowerLab cross
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